Fly Casual Clothing ©  was co-founded by Moore's siblings which comprise Shawn Moore (the oldest), Shaine Moore and Eddie Moore III (the youngest) and (Cousin) Deshun J. Pickett

 The Moore's siblings were born and raised in Buffalo, New York where they had the chance to acquire a satisfactory background experience in the city before the family later moved to California, U.S.

 Being a part of the two cultures gave them the upper hand in being Bi-coastal and having the opportunity to view things from both perspectives.

 The establishment of the Fly Casual Clothing© brand started with the love of the co-founders for the fashion diversity in the 90s and the experience they had being Bi-coastal.



We persistently take a stab at magnificence, sourcing key fashion pieces and accumulating the world's most notable style inspirations of the 90s ranging from metallic clothing, crop tops, and other wider array of clothing.     

 We exhibit an ambiguous taste with our styles being unisex and re-evaluated from season to season.

Fly Casual Clothing©  stands out in the world of clothing due to its supreme quality products that are well-tailored, breezy, and stylish. It is an online-based e-commerce company, that vends multiple products ranging from summer t-shirts to winter hoodies and styled jackets. The store aims to apprehend the crux of 90s and tributes the enormity of recognized sporting teams to cherish those moments of victory.

What do we offer?

Fly Casual Clothing© strongly believes in the freedom of expression and acknowledges that you should wear what you feel with pride - even if it's on your chest! The designs you wear visually speak to who you are and what it is you dream of. Outline your signature style with a shirt that represents your personal identity.

Fly Casual Clothing©  brings to you a vast range of products, from high-quality t-shirts to custom made jackets, from hats to hoodies, but most importantly every product in the store is made-to-order.

Our newfangled jackets possess fleecy cellulose lining, holistic buttoned closure, and complementary shades. Our top-styled jackets are a blessing in wintry nights with soft viscose linings, full button closure, and contrast color strapping on the cuffs, collar, and edge. Adaptable bomber jackets are a novel addition to our supreme catalogue. Fly Casual Clothing©  take pride in representing our eternal heroes even if that means - engraving their victory on your torso.

Our summer-friendly Tees have a soothing impact that encircles you all day and adds charm to your daily tasks with their pioneering patterns and vivacious color. We believe in bringing out stuff that matters. With an eye for innovation and new unique designs, we also customize hoodies and hats at affordable prices.

Best Customer Service:

Customer satisfaction is our top-notch priority and we feel gratified in serving our clients in the best possible way to meet their day-to-day needs. We aim to establish a bond that leaves an everlasting impact on our customers. We ensure that our client doesnt suffer negligence at any point and can guide you in all manner to pick the best fit for you.

If you have any questions about our products, or if would like to check the availability of an item, please use the “Contact Us” page to get in touch.